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Jill McCracken is an indie soul songstress whose music is a celebration of feeling— anything that she’s got on the inside (and there’s a lot on the inside), is triumphantly released out into the world. Though Jill’s songs catch the ear as pop tunes, touching heavily on classic soul and Motown influences, a closer listen lets the audience know that these aren’t as simple as ABC, 123; there’s conflict that lies just beneath the surface of the songs, as nodded to by Jill’s sweet and savory lyrics. This isn’t a masquerade of beauty; it’s a celebration of Jill’s honest-to-goodness truth of life and love— not only the beautiful, terrible, horrible parts, but especially all the in-betweens.

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"the taste of sweetness has got me all confused"

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Shake me up is album about unicorns and rainbows. Jill McCracken takes the emotion of angry support emails combined with the ruthlessness of emotion that comes from the sudden out of stock-ness of an item in an order. Weaved into each song is the SKU of a panty that still haunts Jill in her dreams.

How will she ever release them? Through song and that's what you'll feel in this album.

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